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Welcome to the new updated


Hi, and a very warm welcome everybody to the new updated !

To all our existing members, thank you so much for the wonderful support you’ve all given ever since the site was launched. Well, you guys already know what a terrific forum this already is! But now, with enormous thanks to the hard work of our site Administrator Laurent Perron who originally established, we now have a brand new-look site with some great new facilities (and with more coming!). We hope you like it!

If you’re a new Valvetronix owner, or have only just found us, many congrats on joining the biggest & best site on the internet for the truly excellent Vox Valvetronix amp & Tonelab range!! Inside, you’ll find one of the nicest, warmest, friendliest, and ‘flame free’ forums around. I hope you’re really going to enjoy being part of our growing family, and we all look forward to ‘meeting’ you.

Whether you’re a home player who’s new to guitar amps or an experienced gigging musician, and whichever Valvetronix or Tonelab you have (or are thinking about buying), you’ll find a thriving on-line community here, all eager to share a wealth of ideas, knowledge, and experience on arguably the best hybrid-modelling gear around today!

Q) I’m a ‘newbie’ - what should I read first before posting?

A) Darned good question! First, a big welcome - everyone here will be happy to help & answer questions of course, but as you can imagine a lot of what you’re probably going to want to know has already been covered before. So without a shadow of a doubt, & before you submit that question I know you’re probably dying to ask, the very first thing you should do is to have a read through your Valvetronix or Tonelab manual and especially our FAQ, Troubleshooting, Tips & Tricks section.

If you don’t have a manual, you can load one down in .pdf form from the Vox website here:

Our very own FAQ, troubleshooting, Tips and tricks section has loads of great information not found in the manual! Here are a few links giving answers to some of the most common questions that folk ask: -

Want to know what amp & effect models are in your Valvetronix?

Want to get better gigging tone? We know how!

Is your Valvetronix feeling under the weather? Fixes for the most common ailments are here!

Mystified by the VC12, and can’t find those extra pre-sets? All is revealed!

Want to find out more about EQ, and learn how to get even more great tone from your Valvetronix?
Particularly if your Valvetronix amp has an effects loop (no? well, we can even help you add one of those too!) have a read here:

And then listen to the demonstration videos in our brand new Medias Section to hear what a huge difference using an EQ in your effects loop can make to your Valvetronix!

And much, much more! So have a read, and then pop in & say ‘Hi’!

Best wishes (& great tone always!)

Rich (‘Voxman’) Moderator



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