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Vox AD15/30/50/100VT-XL amp models

Here is a compendium of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), tips and tricks, and common troubleshooting solutions

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Vox AD15/30/50/100VT-XL amp models

Postby Voxman » 31 Oct 2009, 10:44

These are just high gain variants of the existing models used in the regular ADxxVT series. You can easily identify the base models that have been modded as below from the FAQ section re (chrome) ADxxVT amp models - but I've done it for you anyway:

Glass, modelled on the Clean channel of a collectable 100-Watt head named the Overdrive Special; (Dumble Overdrive Special)

Funked, modeled on a classic American black-faced 2x12 combo; (Fender Twin Reverb)

Buzzsaw, inspired by the British-made 50-Watt head that created the sounds of ‘70s hard rock and metal; (Marshall Plexi 50w head)

Crunched, based on a very rare modded VOX AC30/6TBX Top Boost combo, adding new hot-rodded gain levels and EQ;

Thrashed, modelled on a 1983, all tube, single channel, master volume 100-Watt head; (Marshall JCM800)

Raged, based on the high gain channel of a modern, all-tube 100 Watter, with boosted bass and mid frequencies and even more gain; (100w Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head - modern high gain channel)

Modern, a still higher gain modification to the “Modern High Gain” channel, with scooped EQ; (100w Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head - modern high gain channel)

Fluid, the UK Modern setting with maximum gain and mid-range EQ, modified to emphasize a vocal-like tone for legato-style playing; (Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Head)

Molten, based on VOX’s US Hi-Gain model but capable of even more powerful, heavily saturated sounds, with an Octave effect mixed into the preset; (Soldano SLO)

Black, a version of the UK Modern mutated to Class A, rather than Class AB; (Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Head)

Damaged, rooted in VOX’s US Hi-Gain model with more gain and a completely re-voiced and modified EQ to be thicker and darker. (Soldano SLO)

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