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Volume levels VT vs VR

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Volume levels VT vs VR

Postby Eseven » 16 Feb 2015, 23:30

Currently have a VT 30 but find that it sometimes struggles to be heard at certain gigs even though we do small gigs and don't like to play too loud.
Was looking to upgrade to all valve AC30 but just been reading that to get the full tone of it, it needs to be cranked. So probably not worth my while purchasing.
As cost was an issue anyway, I'm now looking at the AC30VR. What is the volume like on this compared to the aforementioned amps? Bearing in mind I nearly always play with a clean tone. Cheers
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Re: Volume levels VT vs VR

Postby Voxman » 20 Feb 2015, 03:09

My advice - buy a real valve amp eg AC15 or an AC30 - both still sound great at lower volumes. The AC15/30VR are 'OK' but IMHO they are 'lacking' and sterile sounding. Nowhere near the feel, warmth & response of a real valve amp, and you can do a lot better. There are loads of good valve amps out there - try some!

The AC30 is big & heavy though. I have a bad back and went for a Laney VC30-210 all valve Class A amp, which is superb, and cheaper. I went for 2x10 as its lighter and smaller than the 2x12 version, and I liked the more vintagy tone from the 2x10's. I also run it with a 1x12" extn cab. Mine has a spring reverb, but the digital reverb on the newer models are very good too. Parallel FX loop with mix control, bright switch, foot-switchable betwen clean & gain channel, very versatile speaker switching via 4 Ohm switch. With an extn cab you can run with internal speakers on or off, so massively versatile. Gorgeous cleans, nice gain, and its loud but still sounds good turned down (but better pushed a bit, of course!).
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