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New upgraded VT 'Chrome' range announced - due end 2008

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New upgraded VT 'Chrome' range announced - due end 2008

Postby Voxman » 13 Sep 2008, 01:50

Announced Sep 2008 - Good news! New 'VT' Chrome range launched - VT15/30/50/100 - available end of 2008.

Although the chrome series essentially still look the same, Vox has at last upgraded the spec for these amps. Here's some details:-

[*] 22 amp models (up from 11)

[*] 8 user settings can now be saved (up from 2)

[*] New VFS5 footswitch can change programs & turn effects on/off

[*] 12 effects (including independent reverb; 3 of the remaining 11 allows you to custom combine 3 effects together - a big improvement from the previous 11 more restrictive combination effects).

[*] Three banks (basic, effected, and song) are provided for each amp model, giving you a total of sixty-six preset programs (3 x 22). Basic is no effects, effected is amp model plus factory effect(s), song* = specific guitar tone of famous artists - these are listed below.

[*] There's a headphone output that can be connected to headphones or to your mixer or multi-track recorder. Since the tonal characteristics of the cabinet are applied to this output, the sound will not be impaired even if you make a direct-line recording or listen through headphones, ensuring that you continue to get that great spatial depth and character.

(We'll have to see when more specs are available, but this might mean that with these new chromes, the headphone may now be POST the tube)

Amp Models

Effect Models

In adition to adding more classic amp models there are now more hi-gain metal models too, which should satisfy players that want both classic & high-gain options in one amp. There's also the AC30BM - (Brian May) version which will please BM devotees!

Another interesting change that may slip peoples attention is that the speakers in the VT15/30 are now 4 Ohm, and in the VT50/100 these are 8 Ohm, which may help these amps to sound even more authentic.


[*] Rather surprisingly, Vox STILL hasn't given the VT30/VT50 an FX loop

[*] It's noticeable that the VT50 now only has a Vox own speaker rather than the Celestion Seventy-Eighty in the current AD50VT.

[*] Although extra effects have been added, there are no distortion pedals - a tube screamer pedal would have been particularly welcome - and no uni-vibe (although Rotary is not dis-similar)

[*] Oddly, the compressor is combined with chorus rather than being a 'free-standing' effect. It has a 'Chorus mix' facility which means you can edit out the chorus to leave just the compressor, but this seems an unusual, fiddly approach.

[*] The Auto-wah has been dropped


Notwithstanding the above observations, its good to see that the Chromes have evolved from their practice amp roots, into full gigging amps - 8 user pre-sets is now a very reasonable facility that will meet most folks gigging needs, and with the improved amp model & effects range, the Chromes move up to a whole new level.

These are the 22 'Song' pre-sets: -

Preset Mode P3: Red

Song Title
Boutique CL Message In A Bottle
Deluxe Tweed Sultans Of Swing
Super 4x10 Pride And Joy
AC15TB Smoke On The Water
AC30HH Still Got The Blues
Express Train Tush
AC50CP2 Paranoid
UK 25th Sweet Child O'Mine
US ’90s Hot for Teacher
UK Modern Surfing With The Alien
Boutique Metal For The Love Of God
Amp B: RED Song Title
Modded CL Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Tweed 2x12 Crossroads
Tweed 4x10 Jessica
AC15 Day Tripper
AC30TB Layla
Boutique OD Free Bird
AC30BM Tie Your Mother Down
UK ’80s Walk This Way
Cali Metal The Trooper
UK ’90s Smells Like Teen Spirit
Metal Bull Enter Sandman
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