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Link to 'Blue' Valvetronix CD demo clips by Dave Kilminster

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Link to 'Blue' Valvetronix CD demo clips by Dave Kilminster

Postby Voxman » 02 Jan 2009, 13:19

With grateful thanks to Joel for housing the clips, the following guitar parts were all recorded using a single 'Blue' Vox Valvetronix AD60VT - before anyone asks, no unfortunately we don't know the settings used or the guitars he was using.

Valvetronix Introduction: -

Tone clips: -

Vox Blues
Vintage 60's
Paperback Author
Woodstock wah
Large Led Balloon
Alabama's home
Tie Mama Down
Flying High
Vancouver Groover
Crossfire crunch
Clean Edge
Super Natural Screamer
Nu Metal
Metallic Rodent
Finger Pickin' Good
Funked Up
Jazzed up
Rollin' On

Downloadable zip file of complete CD
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