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Free drum riser plans

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Free drum riser plans

Postby retrobob » 03 Mar 2009, 01:15

Build your own portable drum riser, FREE PLANS!

Elevate your drums, make them project past the band and add that extra touch of class to your act with a professional looking drum riser! Riser will fit in most vehicles, is very stable and easy to set up (less than 5 minutes).

Yes, you can build it yourself! If you have tool skills and can read, then you can build this drum riser. All materials are listed, including average material costs, common available materials are used. Plans are very detailed with instruction that take you through every step of the construction process.

Yes, the plans are free! Really!

No, I am not selling or supplying materials. Not anything, other than the free plans.

Yes, there is a catch;

I only ask that if you enjoy the plans and the project you build using them, then you share the plans with anyone that asks for them free. And that when the occasion arises, you also share any of your ideas that make your band better with your fellow musical friends.

Plans are here;
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